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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need to contact Swindon Delivery you can use the contact form, We aim to reply to all emails within 1 working day. 
We do give an estimated delivery time on the store page. Once a delivery driver has been Assigned we will send you an Email and Text message with full details of your order.
All of our deliveries are tracked from Store to the door, if you notice an item is missing, please use the contact form and we will investigate for you.
We require our delivery drivers to use Thermal Food delivery bags at all times, please use the contact form and we will investigate any issues you have.
We charge a flat Service fee, this includes everything for us to run the service. So for example, the cost of a delivery driver, the insurance and the costs associated with your order. Most delivery companies now charge a service fee, the service fee is non refundable.
First choose the Store that's accepting the voucher/coupon, Most vouchers/coupons are universal but some may be limited to specific stores. Add your items and visit the checkout. At the checkout you will see a box, copy the code from the coupon into the box and we will apply the discount to your order.
We track all orders from the Store to your door, All of our deliveries are monitored, however if you receive notification your order has been delivered and haven't received it, please contact us using the form below.
Each store/restaurant will list their details on their page, from the email or telephone number, please use this if you have questions for example regarding Allergies. 
Is the store open? Some stores may choose to accept PRE ORDERS, if that's the case you can order now and the store will assign a delivery driver when they are open. If your chosen store is OPEN it may be that you are outside of the Stores delivery radius. 
Sometimes orders cannot be accepted, this may be due to stock issues or because they cannot fulfil the order at this time. You will receive notification on your phone and email cancelling your order. We will release your funds instantly and you can choose another store.

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