Delivery Driver Help

Welcome to our Delivery Driver App

Shortly you will be able to download the brand new app from Google Play Store and iTunes. For now you can access the delivery APP here.

To login you will need to have an active Delivery Driver account. If you don’t you can apply here, complete the short form and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

Our App 

When you login you will see 5 Boxes, The first thing to do is click settings and make sure your details are correct.

When orders are received, our system will look for the closest and available delivery drivers. If you are assigned a delivery you will receive a SMS telling you that a delivery has been assigned to you.

At this point you have around 180 seconds to login and accept the delivery.

Once you are logged in you will see a blue box which says DELIVERY DETAILS

Click this button, this will show you the Pick Up Location and the Delivery Address, the Distance and the expected delivery time.

You will also see two buttons, Start Delivery and Unassign. You can click Start delivery to accept the delivery or use the Unassign option to reject this job.

Our app will help you through each step, the first step will be to help you reach the store. You will receive instructions on how to reach the Restaurant or Store.

When you arrive at the Store/Restaurant

Simply show them your Delivery Driver APP, they will check the order number and give you the delivery. Once you have the items, simply click START DELIVERY

This will notify the customer you are now on route. Directions will be available right to your customers location.

When you arrive, Please hand the items to the customer, Smile and thank them for using our service.

Once you complete the order, you will be asked to confirm that the Customer was at least 25, If they don’t look 25 and the item is marked as AGE RESTRICTED please ensure you ask for ID before leaving the item with them.

That’s it, you’ve completed your first delivery. The Estimated Pay will be shown on the top right hand corner, this however is just an estimate, the system will calculate the Pay Based upon Pick Fee, Distance, Time & Any tip you have received. The updated pay will usually show within 15 minutes and is usually paid within 60 minutes direct to your bank account.

Once you arrive at the store or restaurant

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