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Our new Estimated delivery page helps you work out how long deliveries will take. Delivery times will fluctuate depending on Demand & number of drivers available, their location and the number of deliveries they have.

Green indicates a good service or Low demand in that area so Faster deliveries are available.

Amber Slightly longer than we’d like our customers to wait for deliveries, either down to  a higher demand in this area or distance of available drivers.

Red Delayed deliveries, This may be because of High Demand in this area or because of the distance on available drivers.

Areas shown in Black  – Delivery unavailable in this area, Sorry it’s not possible to book a delivery to this area at this time. This is because all of our drivers are busy

Remember – Priority delivery will Prioritise your delivery booking. We operate a system where the closest delivery driver is booked for your delivery. We will be launching the ability to book a selected driver in the next few weeks.

SN1 postcode

25-45 minutes

SN2 postcode

20-40 minutes

SN25 postcode

20-40 minutes

SN3 postcode

10-30 minutes

SN4 postcode

50-60 minutes

SN5 postcode

10-30 minutes

SN6 postcode

60 – 90 minutes

SN26 postcode

40-60 minutes

SN7, SN8, SN9, SN10, SN11, SN12, SN13, SN14, SN15 & SN16 postcode

60-90 minutes

We Deliver 24/7

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